Say No to Boring BBQs

Ah yes – the great British barbecue! Scorched sausages, charred chops, and burnt burgers. Thankfully there is an affordable and much more palatable alternative. Let Lush catering transform your barbecue into a taste sensation that will have everyone talking for weeks.

Choose from our mouth-watering array of top quality barbecue ingredients including

  • Steaks – Beef (Fillet, Rump, Sirloin, T Bone, Peppered), Bison, Lamb, Ostrich, Wild Boar, Pork loin
  • Ribs (Marinated Rack of lamb, Barbecue and Chinese Baby Back Ribs)
  • Chops (Lamb and Pork), Escalopes (Veal) and burgers
  • Kebabs (Marinated Chicken, Monster Seafood, Thai Seafood)
  • Seasonal Specials
  • Big Chris’s Mixed grill

We’ll bring all the gear, and the chef too! It’s the perfect solution for informal family parties, weddings, birthdays or anniversaries. Mum won’t have to do the shopping and dad won’t have to be chained to the barbecue.


Traditional or Themed?

Fancy a barbecue with a twist? Speak to us about a theme tailored specifically for your Barbecue. The perfect way to really heat up your event! Here’s a few examples we’ve done recently – talk to us for more ideas!

Wild West

Invite all your friends to put their Stetsons on and mosey on over to your place for a ranch style cowboy cook up.


Well clack my castanets! Our Spanish style barbecue is sure to bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your event.


Perhaps you prefer a touch of the Orient? Then what better than a Thai barbecue where our blend of oriental spices will tickle your guests’ taste buds.